The Voices at BGSU Concert Choir

About Us

The Voices at BGSU has been one of the premiere organizations of music, community, engagement and servant-leadership at Bowling Green State University for the past five years. Our mission is to spread the culture and history of Spiritual music in a joyful manner through hard work, discipline and collaboration. We strive to create an inclusive and memorable experience for members through our diverse community outreach.

Our rehearsals teach our members about being disciplined and collaborative. Our community service projects help our members learn the importance of stewardship and our social events teach our members what it means to be a positive BGSU ambassadors. Being able to travel and share our hard work with people beyond the Bowling Green community allows our members to get exposure to different cultures, especially within the African American communities. Many of our songs are rooted in African American/Black history, and traveling enhances our ability to connect with many of the songs we perform. Performing at churches and other spiritual venues allows our members to learn more about the history of spiritual music as told by the leaders of these religious and spiritual congregations.


Voices has performed across Northwest Ohio and the Detroit, Michigan area. We have even gone on annual tours of Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Chicago. This tour experience is more than a point in time for members to get a “break” from home and school. This is an experience for members to collaboratively work together and understand why we sing and serve the way we do.